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NEW GMR based Gear tooth Speed Sensors

Jayashree new GMR based gear tooth sensors are a cost effective solution for wide range of ferrous gear tooth speed sensing for automotive and industrial application. Heart of these speed sensors is CSIR-NAL developed giant magnetoresistance (GMR) based magnetic field gradiometer. These compact devices provide a reliable and accurate sensing speed. Biased internally with a permanent magnet, it detects the interaction from an external ferrous gear wheel. Protected against severe and automotive environments. It is capable of working up to 40 V and available in three-wire
(voltage output) type.

The sensor is available in different designs as per mounting and application requirements. It is ideally suited to wheel, transmission and camshaft speed sensing, gear tooth sensor, industrial and commercial application.
These sensors are fully tested at ARAI for it’s application.
The basic GMR sensor is manufactured at the ultra modern Laboratory at CSIR Bangalore. The further sensor is assembled and manufactured by Jayashree Electron as per customers requirement (Shape, voltage, Enclosure etc.)
The present manufacturing capacity is 15,000 sensors per month.

– Operation temperature: -40 to + 125°C
– Supply voltage: 6-40 V
– Output options:
– a. 0-5 V (Open collector – three terminal)
– b. 7-14 mA (Current loop – two terminal)
– Frequency range: 0 (DC) to 2.2 kHz
– Air gap: up to 4 mm (depends on gear magnetic permeability)
– Digital compensation of sensor offset, sensitivity, nonlinearity and temperature drift
– Excellent EMC/ESD robustness, high voltage (33 V) reverse polarity and short circuit protection
– Safety and diagnostic functions

– Larger operating air gap
– Immune to target run out
– Rotational alignment to target not critical
– Cost effective

– Wheel, transmission and camshaft speed sensing
– Gear tooth sensor
– Rotary encoders
– Industrial
– Commercial

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